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How mush is it and is it good Good and a clean place to eat.

Inexpensive, clean and selection is great

Are they open or is power out there


Do you deliver

The new owner is from Chen's garden he moved to hupei I know him well and his food is still the same even better because it's a bigger place and more variety of different foods.

How much is an adult buffet??

Can't remember exactly on price but it's not overly expensive. To me it's worth the price. Only place in Longview I eat Asian food.

No question,we visited there today. Was not impressed. Very warm inside. Not very clean. Flies on the Buffett,Sitting on the desserts. Prices not bad,but we won’t be back.

Ok, hadn't been there for a long time.

Do they accept Food stamps?


How much is it,. Per person.

9.88 One person with soda drink for lunch Monday thru Friday. Higher at dinner and weekends

Do y'all deliver

no deliver

How much is their Saturday lunch buffet?

I think it's 7 something until 2 but not for sure because I don't care about the cost I just love to eat there

Sundays and shrimp after four in the afternoon?

thank you good day

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